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Get To Know...Catherine Tyree

March 10, 2019

Catherine Tyree & Bokai


Catherine Tyree is the newest member of the Equiline Sponsored Rider team, but she is no stranger to the brand. The 25-year-old has long sported a triangle on her breeches and her signature grey Gait show coat, but starting in 2019, she’ll wear an Equiline logo on her chest.


Tyree made the transition from amateur to professional in December, officially joining the Missy Clark and John Brennan-led North Run team. Last year, the Chicago, IL native won CSI4*-W ranking classes at the Washington International Horse Show and Toronto’s Royal Winter Fair. She began her 2019 season with wins in the CSIO5* Suncast Grand Prix Qualifier at the Palm Beach Masters with longtime mount Bokai and the Rushy Marsh Farm Grand Prix CSI2* at WEF with her 9-year-old, BEC Lorenzo.


Tyree introduces herself as an Equiline Sponsored Rider in our latest “Get to Know…” feature:


EA: What has the transition from amateur to professional been like? What made you decide that “now” was the time to make that transition?


CT: I decided to turn professional in December of 2018, just before the winter circuit started. I love the horses, riding, and every aspect of the sport and I see myself being a part of it for many years to come. It seemed like the right time to make the change and start working toward my future in the sport. So far, the transition has been pretty seamless. I get to ride a lot more, which is definitely a plus in my eyes! 


EA: You’ve been a longtime user of Equiline products. What was it that first drew you to the brand?


CT: Before I started wearing Equiline products, I always noticed how sharp everything looked on riders I saw in the brand. I think their line has always been elegant and classy. The pieces definitely stood out then and still do to this day.


EA: What has historically been your favorite Equiline product?


CT: I love the Ash breeches, especially in white. I think they’re very flattering, and I find them to be really comfortable. In general, I think that all Equiline breeches are of high quality and quite durable. I think I’ve had the same whites since I first made the switch to Equiline a few years ago, and you could never tell they’re that old! 


EA: What Equiline products are you most excited about using/trying?


CT: I love everything Equiline, so it’s hard to choose, but I’d have to say that I’m excited about the new show shirts. For example, I love the detail and the style of the Gracielle shirt. It’s classic, yet it has unique details in the trim on the collar and on the sleeves. I’m also excited about the new square ear bonnets (Dave and Dell) for the horses. I think the square front makes them all the more striking and brings a new look to such a popular piece. 


EA: What does it mean to now be an Equiline rider?


CT: Equiline has been a staple in my riding apparel for the past few years, and I’m honored to work with a brand on a professional level that I have loved for so long. They have an amazing group of sponsored riders, and I feel very lucky to be a part it.


EA: What’s a typical day like for you?


CT: I’m usually awake by 6:00am and at the barn by 7:00am. I usually ride between six and eight horses a day, depending on the show schedule. On most days, I leave the barn between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. I also try to work out 3-4 days during the week. I mix it up between weight training, pilates, and some form of cardio. By the time I get home, I’ll order in, pick something up, or cook. I usually fall asleep pretty early while watching TV. Then I get up the next morning and do it all over again!


EA: Tell us about your string at the moment.


CT: I’m lucky to have four great horses in my string right now. I have Bokai and Enjoy Louis for the bigger grand prix classes. Both horses have helped me accomplish things I once dreamed about, and I feel really fortunate to have them. I also have Catungee, who I primarily use as a second horse behind Louis and Bokai. He’s very quick and careful, yet I can call on him to jump a bigger grand prix class and know he won’t disappoint. The fourth horse that I have in my string at the moment is my 9-year-old, BEC Lorenzo. I got him just before he turned 8. It’s been really fun bringing him along, and I hope to jump some bigger classes with him in the future.


EA: You’ve had a great start to your 2019 season. What’s been the highlight so far?


CT: I think the highlight of my 2019 season thus far has been BEC Lorenzo winning the CSI2* Grand Prix during Week 5 of WEF. Myself, John Brennan, and Missy Clark have been spending a lot of time with this horse over the past year to bring him along appropriately with hopes of competing at the higher level in the next few years. Everything that we had been working on and trying to improve seemed to fall together that day; it all just clicked.


I can’t leave out Bokai’s win in the Grand Prix Qualifier at CSIO5* Palm Beach Masters or Catungee’s 6th place in the CSI3* Grand Prix at WEF Week 3. All of the horses have been great so far, and I’m really excited about the rest of the season.


EA: What’s next for you?


CT: The horses and I stay in Florida for a few weeks before we head north again. The plan is to stop in Tryon in the beginning of May on the way back to Vermont. My summer plan is a bit up in the air at the moment. The most important thing to me is keeping my horses happy and to do what’s best for them, so I’ll see how they come out of the winter circuit and go from there.


All Photos by Kathy Russell Photography






Rapid Fire: Catherine Tyree


Favorite Food: Burgers


Favorite TV Show: Law and Order: SVU, Billions, Suits


Favorite Thing To Do On Your Day Off: Binge watch TV


Something People Might Not Know About You: I really love dessert. It’s borderline a problem. 


What would you do if you didn't ride? I think I would have done something in finance, maybe Private Equity.

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