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Sedgwick Leather A Standout On New EQUILINE Bridles

November 21, 2018

Equiline boasts seven models of Sedgwick leather bridles.

Photo by Isabel J. Kurek


Detail, elegance, performance.


EQUILINE America is proud to announce a new line of Sedgwick bridles, designed and manufactured with details emphasizing the comfort of horse and rider. The bridles feature high quality Sedgwick leather and are available in the United States through EQUILINE America for immediate purchase.


Milko Miatello, head of EQUILINE’s saddle division, and Yann Claret were instrumental in the development of the bridles’ materials, including the all-natural Sedgwick leather from an English tannery in the South Lakeland village of the same name.


“This leather is the best for performance, because it is really strong and has a good feeling for the rider,” Miatello said. “It’s a leather that is completely natural.”


Technology is also a key element in the bridles. The equipment is anatomically shaped along the headstall, creating the ultimate in comfort for the horse behind the ears.


“We put a focus on feel for the rider and comfort for the horse,” Miatello said. “We have done a particularly shaped headstall that will complement the anatomy of the horse and the position of the ears. It’s amazing.”


“The bridles are made to be good for the horses,” he continued. “They are anatomically shaped everywhere, and we’ve used the very best, all-natural materials.”


 EQUILINE America’s bridle line features seven models, each unique in design and functionality, from a double-noseband to a figure eight and everything in between. The models showcase design details unique to EQUILINE, a removable insert for a drop noseband, and hand stitching to match EQUILINE’s line of saddles. The bridles are available in both brown and black and come in cob and full sizes.


“We started with the bridle to complete the range of the saddle,” said Miatello. “We wanted to focus on creating the best saddle, and now that we have created a good product with our saddles, we have the space to design and to create a bridle. We want to have the best line for equipment for the horse and rider.”


“Each bridle is different from the other, whether it be in design, padding, or something of the like,” he continued. “We think that we can respect all the requests for the jumping world. One of these bridles can also be used for dressage training.”


To learn more about EQUILINE America’s line of bridles, contact EQUILINE America.


Milko Miatello & Yann Claret 


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