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'Twas The Week Before Christmas...

December 18, 2017



…And all through the house, there were boxes of EQUILINE—apparel and tack abound!



This December, EQUILINE America has featured some of its must-have products of 2017. As we delve deeper into the holiday season, there are two more last-minute gift items to add to your list. 


EQUILINE’s exclusive collection of Lorenzini bits and the S1 Safety Stirrup are some of the brand’s most innovative products.


Lorenzini Bits



Titanium is the only metal that can survive in the human body, and that is the stamp of a Lorenzini bit. The company is the first in the world to use titanium in equestrian sport, and the result is a light, performance-optimizing piece of equipment.


Lorenzini bits actually promote horse health. By nature, titanium is covered with a layer of dioxide, which is a powerful bacteria killer; it is also affective against polluting agents in the atmosphere and is completely hypoallergenic. Moreover, the bits are revolutionarily lightweight yet strong. Titanium has the highest mechanical resistance to weight ratio of any metal. A Lorenzini bit will not corrode and will be the most pleasant apparatus to have ever been placed in your horse’s mouth. A titanium bit promotes salivation, which helps relax the neck muscles and encourage acceptance. A Lorenzini bit will revolutionize your ride.


“None of the bits upset any of the horses. None of the horses take offense to them; they just like them,” said show jumper Julie Welles, who regularly uses Lorenzini bits when riding at Laura Kraut and Nick Skelton’s bases in Wellington, FL, and Warwickshire, England. “The bits don’t cut their mouths, and the horses are super soft in them.”


“[The technology is] quite unique,” she added. “We had a horse that had sarcoids (equine skin tumors) on the corners of her mouth, so because [the Lorenzini bit] was so light and so soft, we used that on her. The vet said we shouldn’t put a bit in her mouth, because the sarcoids can get so soft, so we rode her in a Hackamore for a while, and then we put a bit back on, and I chose the [Lorenzini bit]. It never cut her mouth.”


Lorenzini bits come in many styles, from loose ring to pelham, and are suitable for any ring or discipline. Three-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Jung also created his special signature line of Lorenzini bits that are offered exclusively through EQUILINE. 



S1 Safety Stirrup



 The S1 Safety Stirrup checks all the boxes: Innovation, comfort, and—for the holidays—festive. Featuring the most advanced technology, the S1 Safety First Stirrup is recognized by three international patents and carries a safety certificate. The stirrup has the ability to rotate 180 degrees forwards and backwards or 90 degrees sideways; the branch can completely open and turn, allowing the rider’s foot to come free when needed. The S1 Safety First model is also the only stirrup model to boast a lateral sliding system, which will keep the rider’s foot in its most advantageous position in any situation, and it boasts a shock-absorbing footpad on the stirrup bench.


“I’ve had the ACL replaced in my knee through reconstructive surgery, and I’ll have days where my knee really bothers me, especially when I’m jumping a lot of horses, and I completely noticed a difference [with the S1 Safety Stirrups],” said U.S. show jumper Devin Ryan, who won the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping New York this fall with his mount Eddie Blue.


Beyond the technology, the S1 Safety Stirrup’s arch is interchangeable. One can customize the stirrup in both color and material, from red and green to matte, leather, Swarovski crystals, and beyond. There’s no piece of equestrian equipment out there with more holiday flare!


For more on Lorenzini bits, the S1 Safety Stirrup, and other EQUILINE products, contact EQUILINE America, visit the EQUILINE America showroom in Wellington, FL, or see your local EQUILINE America retailer.




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