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Get To Know...KAVAL

October 25, 2017


Fall has marked the arrival of a brand new EQUILINE retailer: KAVAL. The luxury equestrian e-commerce site launched in October and, delivering the “best-of-best brands from around the world,” has been an ideal fit to showcase EQUILINE’s collections. KAVAL’s aim is to outfit equestrians—as well as fans of the sport—for life both in and out of the ring; the company even offers styling services.


In EQUILINE America’s latest blog, KAVAL founder Danielle Levine reveals why there’s so much to get excited about when it comes to the newest retail experience for the global riding community:



EQUILINE America: How did the idea for KAVAL come about?


Danielle Levine: The idea for KAVAL came about when I realized how different riders’ shopping experiences were in the horse world versus in non-horse life. Except at a horse show, it takes much more effort to find great things for riding. We wanted to create a beautiful, easy shopping experience where riders (and people who just love the equestrian look) could find a super selection of things they need and want 24/7.


EA: What do you think sets KAVAL apart from other retailers?


DL: First of all, I think there are some great retailers in the horse world. KAVAL is probably most different in how it is thinking about the demands in riders’ lives.  The site will always be about authentic gear for life on or around a horse. Many people ride then have to run to the office, school, or school pickup. People are traveling to shows or just for life. We want to cover these different situations. 


​​We also want to help riders put things together: This shirt goes with these breeches, that sweater and so on. That’s why we offer styling services.  Fill out a form, and one of our stylists will call or email you back in 24 hours. He or she can help you put together outfits for the season and answer any questions about style, fit, or even horse show attire rules.


There is so much great merchandise out there: It’s sometimes overwhelming.  We want to help narrow it all down. Finding good stuff can sometimes be a random process or can just require luck. We want to take the randomness out of the process.  KAVAL is there 24/7 with everything riders need—and not just riders, but also pony moms and all the other people who live or just love equestrian life. 


EA: What do you love most about EQUILINE?


DL: I have always been a fan of EQUILINE. The quality is great, and I feel like there’s something for everyone in terms of design.  Plus, never before has a little black tag generated so much excitement!


I love that the items in the general collection are so good, but then every year the company introduces great new jackets and fun shirts in the seasonal collections. It’s one of those brands that never disappoints.




EA: What is your favorite EQUILINE product?


DL: It’s so hard to narrow it all down! Right now, I am loving the Magdalena breeches: They are so perfect for riding, but then you can throw on a pair of normal boots and run around in non-horse life. I am also obsessed with the Betsy three-in-one coat. Friends of mine who don’t even ride are buying it! And then the breeches are so great too; one friend, Emma Weiss, just got a pair of the Cedar breeches and calls them her “magic pants!”


EA: If you weren’t running KAVAL, what would you be doing?


DL: I’ve always had a secret fantasy of being an undercover agent, but that may be because I’ve seen too many movies—and I love high adrenaline stuff.  In the next chapter of my life, I’m going to go in the opposite direction and become a human psychologist and have an animal rescue/sanctuary. But right now, I can’t imagine doing anything else but KAVAL.  It’s such an exciting time at the company.


EA: What’s something people might not know about you?


DL: I started riding in my 20s, and I love it—but it is also one of my greatest fears in life, which is funny, given that I just said I’m otherwise fascinated by high-adrenaline stuff.  When people hear I’m scared, they ask why I keep doing it.  I always say it’s because I believe you have to push your own boundaries.  Plus, I am convinced one day I will actually get really brave!


EA: What do you love most about what you do?


DL: Everything we do, we do with customers in mind.  When we built the site, I had to picture real people I know surfing it.  When we developed our packaging, I tried to imagine customers opening their orders.  I wanted them to have a “wow” moment.  I love thinking about what people need and want, and I want to satisfy them.  So, when one of our first customers sent us a photo of her order with a thank you note, it literally made my week.


EA: What else can Kaval.com customers get excited about?


DL: Over the next few months, we have so much new merchandise coming online.  We are also adding new features like Wishlist—just in time for the holidays, so everyone can be sure to get what they want!  So, people should definitely sign up for emails and follow us on Instagram @Kaval_International and Facebook @KavalInternational.  And place your first orders too! To celebrate our launch, we are giving away KAVAL hats and some other fun stuff while supplies last.


Photos by Sophie Elgort



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