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Get To Know...The Tack Trunk

August 29, 2017


Located in Amagansett village, just minutes from the Hampton Classic show grounds, The Tack Trunk is the exclusive Hamptons dealer of EQUILINE America. 


Owner Erica Prado grew up at the Tack Trunk. In fact, working at the store was her very first job in high school; she loved it so much that she ultimately bought the store and took it over as her own when its previous owner retired in 2007. In the decade since, Prado has worked to stock her boutique with the best brands and service riders of all ages and experience levels.


In EQUILINE America's latest blog, we get to know Prado during her busiest week of the year. The 2017 Hampton Classic is in full swing, and The Tack Trunk is the destination for EQUILINE products in Bridgehampton.


EQUILINE America: What sets The Tack Trunk apart from other retailers?


Erica Prado: Our brands and our customer service are two of the main things that keep people coming back. We go out of our way to keep everyone happy, and that’s what keeps the customers coming back.


EA: What do you love most about EQUILINE?


EP: Everything! The quality, the fit, and it's just really pretty. The products fit all different body types. Very rarely do we have someone try them on and not purchase them. Everyone that tries them on falls in love with them—the jackets, shirts, breeches, and belts. It's all about the quality.


EA: What is your favorite EQUILINE product?


EP: I love the Ash breeches. I just think it's a very flattering pant on any body type. The Hayley show coat is also very popular in the store. It's beautifully tailored, and it's made of great fabric. It's breathable, and it moves with you. Showing in the ring, you don't have to worry about the jacket restricting you. I love the stretch. When you put on that jacket versus a different brand, you can just see the difference. 


EA: If you weren't running The Tack Trunk, what would you be doing?


EP: Who knows?! I honestly don't have any idea. This was my first job, and it's something I've always enjoyed. If I didn't work here, I'd probably be a stay-at-home mom.


EA: What is something people might not know about The Tack Trunk?


EP: Our staff has been known to come down to the store at 8:00 at night for horse show emergencies. We stay open late, and we even make house calls!


The Tack Trunk also has a unique neighbor. It's right next door to actress Gwyneth Paltrow's beauty and wellness boutique, "Goop."


EA: What do you love most about what you do?


EP: I just love the clients. I love seeing them grow. We've had kids that have been with us since lead line, and now they're doing the juniors, and it's just so fun to watch them grow up.


EA: What else can The Tack Trunk customers get excited about?


EP: We have a lot of new brands and new lines and our fall stuff—we have some green Ash breeches coming in! We also have a newly launched website. Find us at thetacktrunkhamptons.com.






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